Friday, 13 January 2017

Yarn Chicken

Do you play yarn chicken?

Yarn chicken is a game of nerves and determination. It is played when you are reaching the end of your yarn and the end of a project or row and you don't know which one will end first.

When I began the final row of this scarf my chances of finishing it looked bleak but I went ahead anyway. I was amazed to reach the half way point. I crocheted on.

                                                         The yarn ball looks so small.

                                                     The end of the row looks so distant.




                                                                   This looks good...

                                                                  Ha ha ha! Woo hoo!

                                                              Eat that, yarn chicken!
                                          (eat that yarn chicken? What does that taste like?)

Bekki 1 - Yarn 0



  1. That is a gorgeous piece of crochet! Yes, we've played yarn chicken and we speed up to try to get to the end of the row before the yarn runs out - how daft is that?

    1. You do that too? Not daft at all, I hope not anyway 'cos I do it too ;) Thank you for visiting ladies.


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