Friday, 27 October 2017

Folksy Friday - Seeing Blue

I've got a showcase of work from designers and makers on Folksy for you today. I've just looked to see when I posted my last Folksy Friday and it is just over a year ago! Yikes. I didn't mean for it to be so long before the next one. For those who may be unfamiliar with Folksy, it is an online marketplace for designer makers and artists who are based in the UK. It's the platform I use for my shop and it has a really nice community of makers who are very supportive of each other, which I love.

I decided, when I started my blog, that I would like to feature designer makers on here to showcase the awesome talent there is out there and to highlight the skill and quality and therefore the benefits of buying handmade.

All of my readers here on Koko Diaries are wonderfully creative and I love visiting all of your blogs to see what lovely things you have been making, so I know you value handmade too. We always buy top quality supplies for the things we make and we put our heart and soul into every part of it, don't we? The passion that people have for their craft and their art is something that I really appreciate and want to support and it actually makes me feel all the more passionate about my own work too.

Since it's been quite warm and bright today and the sky has been a perfect shade blue, I've chosen a few pieces that are a lovely blue colour too 😊.

First up is a necklace with a beautiful pendant by Jo of Little Trinket Girl. I actually bought one of Jo's pendants for my mum this year and the detail really blew me away. It was exquisite.

Shimmering Wildflower Pendant

Do you know that I love the sea? I love everything about the ocean so couldn't resist sharing this mermaid mask by Debbs of Debbs Elliman. Debbs makes the most beautiful masks.

Mermaid mask, masquerade masks, mermaid costume

Teodora of Teodora Paintings turns her artwork into tiny prints that she then incorporates into pieces of jewellery. I'm allergic to metals so can't wear them next to my skin, otherwise I'm sure I'd already own this 😊 (and maybe a few more -stupid allergy)

Turquoise and Yellow Bracelet with Meadow Flowers Art Print

There are some funky softie and doll makers that I love on Folksy too. Martine of Maisie Muffin Rag dolls makes these sweet dolls and lots of outfits for them to wear.

Mouse - Veronique

I love, love, love the softies Debbie of Steam bear & Co. makes. I bought one of Debbie's sock dudes for my great-niece who was born recently (I'm really not old enough for that sentence). Debbie tests them all so they are CE certified and safe for babies. They are uber-quirky and I love them.

Handmade Plushie Bunny with Blue Heart, Nursery, Baby Soft Toy

I'll finish with one of mine. I made this clutch purse with the fabric left over from the dress my mum had made for her to wear at my wedding. It has a big shiny bit of bling on the front too.

Blue Satin Diamante Evening Clutch Purse

Where do you shop for your handmade gifts? Do you have a craft market nearby or do you shop online? Or, do you make all your own handmade gifts?

I'd love to hear your opinions on handmade and handcrafted products.

Have a lovely weekend!!!


Monday, 9 October 2017

Crochet Therapy and Recovering

Happy Monday everyone!

It's been quite a while since I've posted here. My last post was written the day before I went away for the weekend. It really was a good weekend, spent with family, but my health kinda crashed after and it's been hard to pick up again.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the changing seasons. Autumn is my favourite time of year and October is my favourite month. The leaves have been painted in the most beautiful colours. The seed pods of various plants and trees are such interesting shapes. I've been enjoying seeing and smelling autumn whenever I can get out. Do you like autumn too?

I want to share something I made while I was recovering my health. My head is still very foggy, though, so I apologise for any nonsensical writings!

I showed the beginnings of this shawl in my last post. It was just a little triangle then. It's another Victoria shawl by Sandra of Cherry Heart. You can see the first one I made here. This is such a lovely pattern and easy to memorise too, which is great for when you want to crochet something with a therapeutic repetitiveness to it. I only had the strength for 5 to 10 minutes of crochet at a time but the pattern is written so well and includes charts and stitch counts so that it is hard to lose your way even with all of the stopping and starting that I did.

Let me tell you about this yarn. I love this yarn. It is 100% alpaca 4ply, it has a slight halo and is sooo soft! It makes a beautifully drapey fabric that is warm and cosy when crocheted. It is yummy.

Making this was such good therapy. It is so nice to watch a crochet project grow and grow, isn't it? Then, holding it up and seeing the finished project... It is good for the soul. 😊

Last time I crocheted this Victoria shawl, I made it with just one colour so this time I decided to use two -lavender/light purple with a few rows of grey at the border to create a bit of interest. I really like how turned it out.

Sandra has designed the Victoria shawl to be just the perfect size. It will cover shoulders and arms when worn the traditional way, but it's not big enough to be cumbersome, so you can wear it draped asymmetrically across your shoulders or around your neck like an oversized scarf.

I can see me making many of these in my future. I made this one for my shop but I enjoyed wearing it for this photoshoot so much that I think I might just *need* to make one for myself too 😊. Not that I don't already have enough shawls and scarves to keep a small army warm.😁

It feels really good to be back, writing and showing pics. I have lots of things in the pipeline to share on the blog, including a new bag that I finally finished. My plan is to review the pattern, so if any of you like to make handbags look out for that appearing on my blog soon.

Do you like to crochet? Have you made the Victoria shawl pattern before, or do you have another favourite? Do share in the comments. I'd love to hear about what you've been making.

I hope you have a brilliant week


Ps. I made a page for my shawl on Ravelry here
     The shawl has been listed in my Folksy shop, the link is up on the right if you fancy a look

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