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I'm Bekki and am a wife to a lovely and supportive husband. I live up in the hills in England where it's green and pleasant.

In college I studied design but my first love is fine art. I have been creative for as long as I can remember and have explored many different avenues of creativity, art and design. As a result I am a jack of all trades and master of none! That's ok though, I absolutely love learning new things so I'm happy to skip from fabric to metal to wool....  I've learnt that a lot of skills are transferable and I've taken what I've learnt to do in polymer clay and made the same thing in paper or sugar paste for example.

I'm a jeweller by training but I also love to sew, especially bags or softies; I decorate cakes and love to bake (my favourite thing is seeing my family delightedly tucking in to homemade goodies).

I started a little business making jewellery and bags and other accessories which I sold locally but unfortunately a couple of years ago I became ill with what turned out to be a chronic illness so my ability to produce my products came crashing. My illness means I can't make and bake all of the things I would like to but I haven't stopped learning. I've learnt to crochet and embroider as it's something I can do comfy on the couch with my feet up (in your face, stupid illness!!)

I make things very slowly as standing and using my hands and arms is very painful (a little top for my little niece took 8 months, yep 8!) but I can't stop making.

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