Thursday, 3 August 2017

New WIPs For Summer

Summer? I can't see summer. Just rain and the howling wind. Ah, well.

I've started a few new projects to keep me occupied while we've been stuck indoors, dodging rain. They're mostly gifts for friends. I love giving handmade gifts. There is something about summer too; I love to give gifts in the summer. Do you feel the same way?

I've made a stack of these tissue holders for a few friends. Some have already gone to their new homes. I used this tutorial to make them if you fancy making some yourself. They are very quick to make and perfect for little gifts. I even made one out of manly fabric for a man friend who always has tissues and a sniffle due to allergies.

These are finished so not technically WIPs.

I've started on a Lalylala crochet doll pattern too. (Isn't that the best name for an amigurumi brand?) Getting two matching legs was pretty difficult but I think I've got something close to a pair here. I can see this is going to take a lot longer than I thought it would. I was hoping it would be finished by this weekend. No way.

I've also started another one of these Victoria shawls by Cherry Heart. This time I'm using a pale lavender. I might use a different colour for the edging this time... I'll see. This is a great pattern for evening crochet in front of the telly and I'm thoroughly enjoying making this one.

Have you got any WIPs you're working on this summer?

Have a lovely weekend guys.


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