Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A little Bag And A Bit Of Crochet

Hello lovely peeps. I hope you've been enjoying the spring and all of the blossoms and scents that float around this time of year. Or the beautiful autumn colours and scents if you're in the south 😉. Although it's been snowing and hailing here this week, it was lovely and sunny in my part of the English hills at the weekend. Perfect picnic-in-the-park weather. What better than to sit on a blanket in the sun with a sweet husband, some snacks and a crochet project on the go?


This is my first pair of crochet socks and my second attempt at making them. My first attempt came out a bit small. The toe section would only cover my big toe! I have quite a tight tension when I crochet and apparently a much tighter tension than the designer of these socks. 😊 I had to go up a hook size to get the right tension. Now that I have, they're hooking up a treat. It's growing quickly and fits perfectly. I've now reached the heel section of sock number one and I'm really looking forward to learning how the heel is made. It's always good to learn new tricks.

The yarn has quite a high wool content so the socks will be lovely and warm when they're finished. I just love the colour and the texture of the stitches. yum.

It just so happens that this project fits nicely into another project I finished recently. It is completely accidentally the perfect size.

Two balls of wool, one partially made sock and a hook all fit inside

Maybe I should have embroidered 'socks' onto the front instead of 'stuff'.

I have wanted to make a dorothy bag for ages so had a rummage around in my stash and found this rather nice cream and gold home dec fabric. I bought almost a metre of it for £1 on a market stall and it's been sitting, waiting to be sewn into a bag ever since. The good thing about this fabric is that it's reversible, with the reverse side being a negative of the pattern on the right side which made it an ideal lining too. The lining peeps over the top of the bag a little bit, so it has a lovely flash of gold at the top.

I used a scrap of liberty fabric over a small piece of the reverse (lining) side of the main fabric to embellish the front. My disappearing marker disappeared rather quickly on the liberty lawn so I had to plan out my lettering and visualise the size and spacing of the letters as I was embroidering them. I think it worked out ok. It's not perfect but I'm happy with it. I also used a gold embroidery thread to stitch over the sewing line on the larger rectangle to mirror the gold cording of the drawstring.

I'm really pleased with how my 'stuff' bag has turned out and my sock project definitely looks tidier in a bag than piled in a jumble on my work table 😊.

I used this pattern for the 'stuff' bag, if you're interested in having a go yourself. (The download link is towards the bottom of the post)

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you have a lovely week.



  1. I crocheted a pair of socks couple of years ago but forgot to wear this winter. Love the yarn color and your stuff bag is very pretty.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment Pradeepa. It's a shame you forgot to wear your socks this winter. You must dig them out for next winter :)

  2. What a joy to visit and see your wonderful creations. Thank you for you lovely comment on my blog, we are certainly living the dream.

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment!

  3. Hi Bekki, thanx for featuring my polymer pendant on this lovely blog, it’s appreciated. And for blog followers and readers - don’t hesitate to buy from Bekki, the items are superb quality and customer service is second to none x

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Jo! Your pendants are lovely


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